Don’t be scared….to speak up

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We are supporting and coaching many individuals whose personal wellbeing has suffered over recent months. Believe us, we have felt this too – we have shared over the last few months personal blogs from the team about how they have been impacted. The constant barrage of restrictions and the impact of those restriction on friends and family, on the business and the team. Then of course in addition is the health worry, the isolation of loved ones, the guilty feeling not being able to visit or give someone a hug when they need it most.

It’s great that some people are facing up to their wellbeing issues and seeking help. However, we are picking up that people are holding back on how they are feeling for too long, as if it’s a weakness, something that they will be judged on and maybe labelled with!

Where does this come from and why do we do this to ourselves? We believe to speak up about how you are feeling is to be respected, it takes courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you do, you often hear other say “me too”. So please, if your wellbeing has been impacted, talk to someone, or contact us.

If you are in the Leeds City Region, we can provide funded mentoring to support employed individuals in SMEs in response to the current climate with the aim to help build skills to cope with the volatile and complex challenges we all currently face. Whether just a one-off session or up to 6 session, click here for more.

Also here are some hints and tips to get you focused on your wellbeing. So, don’t be scared, be honest with yourself and make a start today.

• Disclose some things that are bothering you to a trusted friend/colleague

• Create a calm environment – maybe declutter, put a plant on your desk even!

• Have regular breaks… including a lunch break

• Resist the sugary snacks, eat healthily

• Keep hydrated

• Write to do lists for the next day

• Try the Headspace app or Insight Timer – we’re loving a bit of calm and meditation at the moment!

• Warm bath (not hot)

• Create a calm bedtime routine

• Read a book

• Listening to music

• Go for a walk

These are just a few suggestions. Which one will you choose?

If you would like any support around your own wellbeing, or would like to explore the funded mentoring, please contact us at

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