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disc pic july 2019

We use a few profiling tools at Pro-Development, however at the moment there is certainly a front runner in terms of demand. This front runner is the DISC profiling tool. We like DiSC for its simplicity, we find some profiling tools can be more complex to decipher.

The simplicity however does not take anything away from the insights it brings. It’s value comes in increasing your self-awareness, how you react to other styles and how to increase your effectiveness with other styles. At it’s highest-level DiSC identities fours styles, key behaviours associated with these styles and how these styles interact.

The magic happens when we see DiSC brought to life with teams who have shared their profiles and preferred way of working. Through having honest conversations with each other they have explored how to adapt their style to get the best from each other and as a result their relationships are stronger and built on trust. The language used in DiSC is easily transferrable into the workplace and this means that the conversations continue outside of a facilitated session and become part of the business way of working. Now who wouldn’t want that!

And if you’re interested in how we have brought it to life, have a look at our last blog about “A DiSC Day at the Races – it’s a bit of fun on how our DiSC styles came to life!

If you would like to know more about DiSC and other profiling tools, contact us on 01904 628838 or info@pro-development.co.uk.

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