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Have you ever reflected on a situation and realised that your behaviours may have reduced the probability of a positive outcome?

DiSC profiling helps you to recognise which behaviours smooth the way for you and which ones may not be helpful. Just imagine what you might achieve if you could manage those pesky, less helpful behaviours!

DiSC is different to other psychometric tools as it is behavioural and contextual. What this means is it is possible to change behaviours that are not serving you well, compared with personality which generally remains stable over time. DiSC can be used to help you understand more about your behaviours in relation to current challenges, perhaps in a specific context or relationship, and importantly, helps you to understand how to manage your behaviours to bring about a more successful outcome to a situation. Used in conjunction with coaching, it can be a powerful tool to help you move forward and deliver personal growth and improved outcomes. It can also help you to understand why you may have difficulty relating to a person.

Because of the range of applications, we are now using DiSC profiling as part of the suite of psychometric tools we offer to help you and your team to grow and develop. The DiSC workplace profile includes a 20 page report that supports you to understand your motivators and stressors, how you react to others and strategies to improve your effectiveness. This is ideal to use in team building, personal development and to improve the quality of workplace relationships. More in depth management, leadership and sales profiles are also available to help you understand your strengths and challenges and provide opportunities for development. We are also pleased to be able to offer 363 for leaders. This is a 360 feedback tool that provides anonymised feedback, and an in depth report including 3 clear opportunities for development.

These tools enable us to extend the depth and range of products. Please contact us if you want to talk about DiSC and how it can work best for you.


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