Deadening and Demoralising?

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

demotivated person at desk oct newsletter “People are reporting that they find work a mixture of crushing, deadening and/or demoralising. Their workload is often heavy and relentless and there is little or no support.” – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Is this you?

What is interesting is that we can be the cause of this, for example, we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, we over promise or manage others in a way that is demotivating i.e. not giving recognition, going through the motions at appraisal, not listening (need we go on!). What then happens if that these behaviours become our new norm. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, these new norms that we create consequences on employee engagement levels and worryingly, in 2018 UK engagement levels are in decline! That’s not good for the you, your business and the UK economy.

So, what can you do?

• Start to notice your habits and norms that have been formed.

• Do your habits and norms need challenging?

• Challenge others in their daily practices.

• What new norms have they developed that are having a detrimental impact?

• Take time out to listen to people – really listen!

• Have more honest conversations.

• Be brave and call it when it’s all too much.

• Be present and notice the signs of deadening and demoralising actions in others and take positive action.

If you are interested in finding out the levels of employee engagement in your business, why not contact us for a conversation about how we can work with you to take positive action, injecting new life and increasing the va va voom!

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