Celebrate Success – but how?

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Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot

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The clock strikes 12 and another year has passed, where has the year gone? Time is such an interesting thing isn’t it? There is not enough of it, or there is too much depending on how you are feeling. What will you be thinking about as the clock strikes 12? Will you be thinking about the year past or the year ahead? Will you feel sad or excited? Will you wish you’d done some stuff, or think about all the stuff you might yet wish to do?

A great way to move forward into 2020 is to find a way to celebrate success from 2019. Why? Because according to Tony Robbins (inspirational speaker and well worth a listen):-

“As you celebrate your success, it creates a deeper hunger to build an even stronger base and pull yourself to even greater victory and triumph. In addition, you will raise your standards for what is possible and develop the rituals and habits necessary to make this sustainable success a part of who you are”.

So how do you celebrate success? Here are some thoughts from the team at Pro-Development:

• When taking some personal time for self-reflection, often our natural response is to think about what we haven’t achieved, but self-reflection time can really help us connect with our why and our purpose.

• Sleep on it – ever heard this phrase used? Well sleeping on it is a useful thing to do whether you are thinking about your success or have a problem. Our subconscious can often help us in the dream state and can give us direction or important messages.

• Spend time with people you care about and share with them your success. That might be simply enjoying their company or sharing a treat together. Being with people we genuinely care about whilst sharing success can really remind us about why we are on the journey we are on.

What do you do to celebrate success? Or is this something you need to put on your list for 2020?

We love working with teams to help them realise their potential and celebrating their success. If you are interested in finding out more about how we work and the kind of work we do, please get in touch, we would love to tell you more. You can contact us on info@pro-development.co.uk or on 01904 628838.

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