Being authentic at work

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

authentic pic 2018 Here’s a question we get asked a lot – How can you remain authentic when you act differently at work than at home?

We call this difference between home and work as being your “professional self”. By this we mean staying true to your values and what is important to you at work, however, how you communicate and interact with people is slightly different than you would in your personal life, less familiar maybe. For example, at work how you make your decisions, prioritise work and rationalise things remain true to your values. You then pay more consideration in how to communicate this is a way that will help to influence the outcome, by adapting your style to suit the audience. At home, we perhaps wouldn’t consider how we communicated our message quite so much (or maybe we should!)

We see this as very different to people who put on a façade, a mask, some people even say they put on armour to become the person they need to be at work. Quite often in these situations people are not living to their values, having to make decisions and take actions or behave in ways that are not aligned to self and perhaps more aligned to the culture and the values of the organisation, this then impacts on authenticity.

Our challenge to you:

• Are you being true to your values at work?

• How does your professional self show?

• If you put on a façade or wear amour at work, consider what you can do to bring more of your professional self?

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