Authentic and Inspiring Leadership

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inspiring leadership

Take a moment and think of a leader that has really inspired you. Someone that was truly authentic and held the qualities and values that make a difference. Someone who encouraged and supported you and inspired you to be your best self. It could either be a leader that you reported to, or maybe it is a leader that was famous but simply stood out for you. Could you think of one?

When we think about this (and we often do at Pro-Development) so many people spring to mind. But what is it that makes an authentic and inspiring leader?

There has been so much research done about this, and many papers written about Authentic Leadership.

Some people say it is simply about being true to yourself when you are being a leader, other have created models about authentic leadership.

We like to think that there are some key traits that are regularly demonstrated when we are authentic leaders, like leading with heart, being self-aware, demonstrating great emotional intelligence. Its also about laying a foundation of honesty and trust in the relationships we build.

Why does this matter? Ultimately these are the kinds of leaders that teams not only survive under but thrive and flourish and what business doesn’t want that?

Michelle is speaking on this very topic at Brand Yorkshire, Harrogate on Thursday 3rd October at 10.10am if you would like to hear more. Her session will share our top 5 tips for being an authentic and inspiring leader along with some stories to inspire us all.

We would also like to hear what you think makes a truly authentic leader, let us know in the comments section.

If you would like to hear more about the kind of work we do in this areas, please also get in contact with us on or call us on 01904 628 838

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