Are you getting enough Zzzzzzzz?

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sleep pic Today, with busy schedules, it can be difficult to sleep and to have quality sleep. Sleep is something that we all need to ensure that our bodies have time to rejuvenate and ideally to then feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning!

There are a lot of common myths about sleep and some tips on how to improve this for yourself:

1) We need an average of 7hrs sleep per night – this is not necessarily true, it depends on your age and circumstance and how much sleep you need to feel refreshed

2) Keep your bedroom just for sleeping – this associates your brain to know that is where you rest

3) Go to sleep at the same time every night to create a routine

4) Avoid bright lights ie from your phone when you are in bed or watching television before you go to bed

5) Ensure the temperature of your room is comfortable

6) If you find that you think a lot before you go to sleep, then try writing down everything you are thinking about. Just the transference of thought to paper can alleviate the worry or act as a to do list of tasks that you can do the next day!

7) Try to make sure that you do not have stimulants before you go to bed ie nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can stay in your body for 4-6hrs and acts as a stimulant. Energy drinks and chocolate also has caffeine as does tea!

8) Use black out blinds to ensure your room is dark and if this is not possible use an eye mask

9) If you are not asleep within 30mins then get out of bed, do something non stimulating like reading a dull book then go back to bed when you feel tired again

10) Keep repeating these tips every night and this will create a routine

Most of all try and ensure you get enough sleep so that you feel refreshed to face the day ahead. We all know about the spiral of feeling over tired, then overreacting to stressful situations which then have negative consequences onto other individuals. Lack of sleep also impacts motivation and concentration at work.

If you’ve got any great tips for getting a good nights sleep then please let us know alternatively if you would like to have a chat with us then please get in touch at

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