An eery unease in the team

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Have you felt it? Many have… and as teams now come back together its proving to be a bumpy ride for some and with furlough coming to an end on Halloween there may be more unease and bumps to come.

Here is an insight into the kind of things we are finding:

People have lost sight of their team purpose and vision and therefore are on different paths.

Normal working practices and the working environment have evolved, people have evolved with it to various degrees and others have not for several reasons.

A lack of communication has caused a disconnect from the business and the leaders

A reliance on email communication has meant some messages have been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Working from home has been challenging for some and loved by others. Not everyone wants to return to how things used to be.

Subgroups have formed with their own norms and practices, whilst these divisions are not personal, they can create a them and us culture if not tackled.

People have questioned why they do what they do. They are processing career choices and often whilst doing this, the team member withdraws slightly from the team.

Fear not though! Swift intervention can settle the unease. Make sure your team members are having 1:1s to surface thoughts and feeling which will help to explain the behaviours you are seeing.

If you feel you and your team would benefit from further intervention speak to us about our on-line team development programmes. We are running several of these for businesses around the region and beyond! These sessions are approximately 1 ½-2 hours long and can run over a number a weeks/months dependant on your business requirement. We are already finding they are making a huge difference and are providing a good opportunity to bring the team together, talk openly about the last few months, undertake some learning and share successes and challenges along the way. What’s more, you may qualify for funding.

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