Always look on the bright side!

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Sometimes in life, little curveballs are thrown at us and it appears that 2017 is throwing a few already. Only the other day I was sat in the freezing cold watching my husband’s car being towed away, thinking life sucks. The tow truck company dropped us off home, we opened the door to see the postman had been, we opened the post to find a parking fine for £85! Then my Husband was struck by excruciating pain and needed to undergo emergency dental treatment, but of course couldn’t get to the dentist as he had no car!

Little things like this make us think “why me, what have I done”. It’s so easy to slip down into a spiral of gloom. Apparently, we are programmed to look for the negatives in life, maybe it’s something to do with survival. Well hey, time to fight back!

So how can we remain optimistic when life’s curve balls hit us? Well we’re not experts but this is what works for us.

Look upwards

When you look up you access your visual cortex and this helps you to visualise success. When you are looking up it is almost impossible to have a negative feeling or thought – if you try to access a negative emotion, your head or your eyes come down to enable you to connect with the part of your brain that allows you to feel negative feelings.

Surround yourself with positive people

We call these people mood groovers, everyone loves a mood groover! Nobody likes a mood hoover!! Mood groovers can help you gain a brighter and more balanced perspective on things and remind you what’s good about the situation or life!

Take control of the thoughts in your head!

For every negative thought, try thinking of a positive one to combat it. For example, when you think “I can’t believe my car has broken down” instead think, “it was going to happen, I’m glad it happened now so I can get it sorted before work, thank goodness I have Roadside Assistance”.

Be mindful

Recognize how you are feeling, acknowledge it and maybe let it show and then manage it. If you try to suppress your feelings this can really impact on your ability to deal with the situation!

Play some music, have a dance and sing

For me, its reach for the stars by S-Club 7! Can’t believe I have admitted that, but there it is! Find your uplifting song and sing it from the rooftops. Pure therapy!

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