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It always astounds us how many acts of kindness we see. Whether it’s a car flashing us out in busy traffic, someone giving up their time for a community activity or taking the time to really listen to someone.

However, sometimes with the pace of life and the stresses we face we can have moments of lapse. You know, those times we give a ‘look’ to a driver who is going too slow or don’t take the time to listen to our children as they share what’s happened during their day.

However, acts of kindness, no matter how big or small can make a big difference not just to the receiver but also to the giver. Scientific studies have shown that random acts of kindness are good for you! They improve your life satisfaction by increasing your sense of belonging and self- worth, and they improve your health by decreasing your anxiety, depression and blood pressure. These benefits apply to the giver of kindness, the recipient of kindness, and anyone who witnesses the act! Every act improves the lives of at least three people!

lesley Binns June

Well, we have been inspired into action by Leslie Binns, the British climber who gave up his opportunity to reach the top of Mount Everest to save the life of a fellow climber. Less than 500 metres (and 12 hours) from the summit, he turned around to save Indian climber Sunita Hazra on 21 May 2016.

This selfless and kind act has captured the hearts of many and a host of people have praised his actions on Facebook. One user wrote “If there is only one prize for mountaineering in the whole world, it should be awarded to Leslie. By choosing not to scale the highest peak even after reaching very close to it, he has actually scaled the peak of real heroism and would remain an example of the mountaineering community. No word is enough to describe his brave and unselfish act.”

Challenge time…

We can all make an act of kindness, and they don’t need to be of huge scales. Think about what you can do to help a colleague, when did you last offer them some feedback, or tell them how much you appreciate them. And what about the kids? Why don’t you read them a bedtime story tonight and give them your time?.

Go for it, you and those around you will feel great…We will leave this with you.

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