A DiSC day at the races

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team july 2019 races One hot sunny day in July the Pro-Development team stepped into the limo and drove to the races (well, when we say Limo, it was the X46 from Pocklington) with our tummies full of sugar free, dairy free, gluten free food. Pre-loaded with champagne we tottered into the races for a fun team day out!

With not a dominant style amongst us we dithered about … which horse to back? What time to leave? How to get home? If only we could be more decisive … what could go wrong?

Michelle in her ‘I’ style got overly excited jumping up and down on the spot, clapping her hands and shouting, “can we bet now, can we bet now.” Vicky’s optimism shone through (also an ‘I) “we’ve got this” & “today’s the day” you heard her cry at every race, as she kissed the tote ticket in a dramatic and expressive manner!

Sue, being an ‘S’ style was feeling unsure, she normally attended Yoga on a Friday and this change had unsettled her slightly. The team recognised this and gave her the time she needed (at the bar) to become accustomed to her new environment.

Meanwhile the overly cautious and analytical ‘S’ style Kath cast her eyes over the ‘Racing Post’. Her trained eye deliberating on the statistics. Luckily, she had conducted research earlier in the week so was well informed and in a position to make deliberate choices.

Steph, with her predominate ‘S’ style looked on the team with pride. Her nurturing ways had paid off, we hadn’t drunk too much or become too rowdy – she would make sure we got home ok. She had kept the harmony in the team, her work was done.

At the end of the last race, Vicky and Michelle said goodbye to all the new friends they had made, Kath counted up her winnings, which were as projected, and Sue and Steph expressed their sincere appreciation to York Racecourse for providing them with a great team day out!

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