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vlog 2019 We were talking the other day about Vlogging and agreed to write a blog. Then we laughed when we realised the irony “why don’t we just do a VLOG on VLOGGING”? Then it got us thinking, actually vlogging is changing the way we communicate with each other, particularly on social media, so why is it so popular and why does it appeal to such a wide audience?

Whilst we are no experts on it (in fact we have only just started vlogging recently ourselves) here is our take on it.

1 – You get to see a face of the company – the truth is we all want to make connections, and we can more easily make them when we can hear someone speak and see someone’s face and body language. For us it makes the person more human somehow.

2 – You can share more on a video – whether we are taking someone on a journey with us, showing something visual or simply doing some heart felt talking, you can share so much more on a video.

3 – It is pretty instant – we can get out thoughts and share our knowledge and its pretty instantaneous. We can also get some useful and quick feedback or help if we ask for it and our contacts can share the VLOG so we get further reach.

4 – It can help to build trust – we believe that VLOGs help viewers to build trust in either a brand or a person or both, it can be harder to do this in a BLOG.

So should we all be VLOGGING?

I appreciate that it might not be for everyone and it isn’t always easy to complete a VLOG if you get tongue tied or forget exactly what you want to say. But at Pro-Development we say give it a go, because we all know the benefit of making connections on a more personal level.

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