3 Peaks Challenge – 4th update

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As this is written there are less than 2 weeks to go until our Marathon in the Mountains!! Here is the next episode:

Sue – decided to embark on a practice walk with the family…5.5 miles, she was looking forward to some quality family time! It unfortunately didn’t quite go to plan. First a pre walk shouting match with her teenage son resulting in his steely eyes boring in to the back of her head for the whole walk. Secondly, her husband got them lost 6 miles in (they were only meant to do 5.5 miles!) followed swiftly by her daughter refusing to engage with her in any way, so, 9 miles of miserable and painful walking, according to Sue! Sue’s final comments after I asked if her new walking boots were doing well … “Boots OK, family in rehab”!! She has since done another walk, no children but constant rain for 10 miles, nice!

Michelle and Liz – did a pleasant sunny walk up Ingleborough in the Dales (one of the Peaks), no whining children, no husbands to get them lost. Just lots of chat, appreciating views, talking to sheep, looking at maps a few too many times and to finish it all off nicely, a half of lager at the pub at the end as a reward! Sue, you need to come training with us, leave the family at home!!

A few extra points:-

Liz has discovered walking poles and a camel pack water carrying pouch thingy that fits in her rucksack! “All the gear, no idea” springs to mind!

We have had a “photo shoot” and a press release is to be sent to the local press – watch this space!

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