3 Peaks Challenge – 2nd update

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OK, so our training is going slowly but surely! Not a massive amount has happened, certainly not as much as is on our training plan, but I can report the following exciting bits of progress!!

Liz – has broken in her boots and managed to get away with only one blister. She has done 2 biggish walks since the last update, one around Bishop Wilton which included a fairly large and steep hill, but unfortunately also included getting lost and walking 2 extra miles to find her way back. She is blaming it on her husband though, who had the map!

Michelle – has joined the gym and has bought new walking boots! So, she is busy on the treadmill and other complicated equipment plus trying out her new boots! Liz and Michelle had a business meeting whilst walking up and down a large hill 3 times, so that is also good stuff!

Sue – has also been to the gym and reported that she literally couldn’t get out of bed or walk the next day – but progress has been made nevertheless and she is now accepting that this walk is going to happen and isn’t in as much denial as she was at the last update!

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