Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

celebrate good times Another Disco classic with the feel-good factor. Before you go off on your holibobs take some time out to reflect. What have you and your team achieved in the first half of the year that has given the feel-good factor? What key deliverables have been achieved? What obstacles have been overcome? Which key learnings have been banked for future reference? Have people been brave and stepped out of their comfort zones? Have the businesses values been brought to life with great results?

So, come on… time to think about all these great, amazing things you and your team have achieved and make sure you stop and celebrate good times. Quite often we are too quick to move on to the next thing, pressured by time, concerned about lower production over the summer months as your team take time off – sound familiar?

There a numerous ways to celebrate – a summer BBQ perhaps? An outdoor team event (we have heard that some teams even go to the races!) Whatever method you choose to celebrate, make the time to highlight what you are celebrating and the impact the success has had on the business. It will also give you an opportunity to build on the success for the coming months too.

So, lets celebrate and share with us what you’ve been doing too! We work with lots of businesses with team events and we’d be happy to help.

Best of all, there is funding from the European Social Fund via the WYCC Skills Service for business in the Leeds City Region if your business is eligible which offers 40% towards the investment in the day! Read our recent blog to check if you are eligible and how to access the funding.

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